• Wheel Width

    Distance between inside of flanges rounded to nearest 1/2-inch. Ensure that wheel width is proper for tire size you intend to mount on it. All tire sizes have minimum and maximum wheel width limits. Correct wheel width is about 75% of tire cross section width.
  • Wheel Diameter

    Distance from bead seat to bead seat across diameter of wheel. Must be exactly the same as tire rim diameter. Mounting a tire of one diameter on a wheel of another diameter can result in violent explosion causing serious injury or even death. Always verify diameter stamped on the wheel and match the tire exactly.
  • Wheel Offset

    Distance between wheel mounting surface where bolted to hub of drum and centerline of rim. Determines vehicle "track" or distance between tires on each axle. Wheels with more negative offset than original wheels move outboard on car. Keep the wheel offsets as close to original as possible to avoid steering difficulties or wheel bearing fatigues. Negative offset on rear increases "track" and may improve stability and handling.